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Let’s face it: nobody wants to see a website full of stock photos. Today’s online consumers want to see the faces behind the brands, products, and services they engage with. That’s why it’s more important than ever to incorporate high-quality photos and video in your website, social media, and marketing efforts.

So, if you’re ready to connect with your customers, call Lee Empire Holdings.

Why You Need Photos & Video For Your Website

Unique, original, and high-quality media can set you up for success. Here’s how:

Media Drives Website Traffic

Websites with images and video outperform websites without them. A recent study shows that websites with images get double the views. Photos also show up in search engine results, helping to boost your SEO.

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Media Increases Conversions

It’s been proven that photos of real people can help potential customers see themselves using your product or service. This can lead to a sharp increase in conversions.

Media Fosters Customer Loyalty

Photos of people smiling, laughing, and expressing positive emotions can help your customers associate positive feelings with your business, creating greater brand loyalty.

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Media Fosters Customer Loyalty

Photos and videos tell quick, clear stories without text, making them highly shareable on social media.

Media Tells Your Story

People want to see the faces behind the brands. When customers feel closer to you, they’re far more likely to go from an occasional shopper to a raving fan.

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The Power Of Video Testimonials

There’s more to media than photo and video. Good customer testimonials are an important part of your brand identity and marketing strategy. Testimonial videos can help you: 

  • Build confidence in your products or services
  • Develop trust with your potential customers
  • Add trustworthiness to your marketing claims
  • Attract new audiences
  • Distance yourself from the competition
  • Drive inquiries, leads, and conversions

what can we do for you?

At Lee Empire Holdings, we can help you make quality media a part of your business strategy. We will coordinate with photographers and videographers to take quality photos and videos for your every marketing need.


Our team will arrange a full photoshoot of you and your team so everyone can see how awesome you are.

Videos & Testimonials

We will help arrange video testimonials from your raving fans to help boost your reputation.

Aerial Drone Footage

Did we mention we do aerial drone footage? We use drones to capture unique and dynamic footage of your company and team.

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